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In this website you will find alot of information about the game, for example Races, Classes, Gameplay and even see some very cool screenshots and videos! This is my first website, which means that its not the best heh, still trying things out.
But of course...Enjoy your stay!

by Dako - 31/10/06

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"Do you remember the first time you set foot in Orgrimmar and saw the watch fires burning on the parapets?
What about the first time you saw the hot molten iron flowing beneath the catwalks of the city of Ironforge or gazed at the towering statues of the heroes of the Alliance in Stormwind? It has been two years since players first entered the world of Azeroth to forge such memories, and to celebrate the second anniversary of the launch of World of Warcraft, we will be awarding prizes to our loyal players over the next five weeks!"

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Illegal Danish.
The adventures of a great paladin and druid in Azertoh. A paladin and a druid search for clues about who is the imposter in their guild. In the meanwhile, a very annoying and talkative gnome, and a dwarf mysteriously walk inside a portal and end up in a jungle!
An X-Fire World of Warcraft movie contest winner.

Maydie, a warrior PvP video.
One of the most brutal, skilled, and cunning warrior videos of them all.
A level 60 human warrior, with the Grand Marshal status, shows his skill in PvP in a finely edited PvP video.
The warrior is named Maydie, from the World of Warcraft Arthas realm.

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